Parish Administrator

Fran Tate, Parish Administrator, has been a member of St. Andrew’s since 2011. She has had various duties in the church office since 2012 and became Parish Admin in 2017. Before joining the office team, Fran was employed by Bay District Schools as a Network Specialist. She is dedicated to her church, her rector, and her job. Fran is also a member of the Altar Guild, Invite, Welcome, Connect and the Financial Oversight Committee. She is married to Don, mother to Bonnie and Nana to Zoey and Zinia. She is also a diehard Razorback fan.

John Cameron Episcopal Verger St. Andrews Episcopal Church


John Cameron has been an Episcopalian since 1985 and a member of St Andrews since 2017. In 2019 he completed his education to serve as an Episcopal Verger and serves in that role at St. Andrew’s. He is responsible for all liturgical training and works directly with the rector to determine the liturgical shape of the service. John is passionate about helping the Episcopal Church—and specifically St. Andrew’—conduct outreach ministries and evangelism. For John the church should have beautiful liturgy and be a beacon of hope for all in need of the love of Christ.

Senior Warden

Don’t believe the proverb “you can’t go home again”, because sometimes you can. I know, it happened to me. As I approach my older middle age years, I find myself back at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church. The place I started my life and the cradle of my Episcopaleanism (is that a word?). St. Andrew’s is different from when I was growing up here. There are new faces and there are faces I knew as a child that have changed through the years, just as mine has. But what has not changed is that this is where the Holy Spirit dwells for me. I hope you experience the love of Christ here, just as I do. Louise Crawford Sr. Warden St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

Tom Brewer JUNIOR WARDEN St. Andrews Episcopal Church

Junior Warden

Tom Brewer has been an Episcopalian since the 1980s and a member of Saint Andrew’s since 2014. He has served in vestry positions at several Episcopal churches and most recently served as Senior Warden from 2017-2019. Tom is retired from the Air Force Medical Service Corp and worked in the hospital field his whole career retiring from Bay Medical Center in 2016. He has devoted a great deal of his time supporting the church’s ministries including Supper at Grace, Lay Eucharistic Visitor, Saint Andrew’s Community Supper, Order of Saint Luke and as an altar server.

Rafał Knap St. Andrews Episcopal Church

Rafał Knap

Rafał Knap was born in Szczecin, Poland where he attended the prestigious music conservatory Akademia Sztuki w Szczecinie, he is a graduate of FSU with an emphasis on education and corporate communication. Got his start at the co-cathedral of st Thomas More in tallahassee where he was the organist. He now resides in Panama city where he is honored to be part of the st Andrews family and the episcopal church!!!