frequently Asked Questions about our church

Of course! All are welcome, regardless of faith, creed, gender, sexual orientation, identification, or age. Everyone is welcome and will not be met with judgment.

St. Andrew’s is family-friendly, and your children may remain with you during services, or you may take advantage of Sunday nursery care. The rector often says it’s a joy to hear children in Church because it’s a sign we will be here for the next generation.

In many ways, we are similar; in many ways we are very different. There are theological differences. For us, the Pope is not the head of the Episcopal Church, all genders can be priests and bishops, and our clergy can marry. Also, Communion is open to all regardless of denominal affiliation.

When Queen Elizabeth established the Church of England (the mother church of the Episcopal Church) in the 16th century, it was conceived as the “middle way” between Catholicism and the Protestant Reformation sweeping Europe. As the British empire expanded the Church of England gained a worldwide presence, known as The Anglican Communion. Various churches around the world, once part of the British Empire, fall under the umbrella of Anglicanism. The Anglican Communion is the third largest Christian expression behind the Roman Catholic and the Greek Orthodox Church. The Episcopal Church is Anglican in its roots and maintains its historic connection to the Church of England.

Of course. For us at St. Andrew’s the altar doesn’t belong to us, but rather Jesus. Jesus invites all to be feed from the holy table. Everyone who wishes to find Christ in the bread and wine is welcome to receive the sacrament.

Every Episcopal church has their own customs for weddings, but one thing is the same for all… premarital counseling is required to be married in the Episcopal Church. Normally one person must be Episcopalian. Call the church office for details about the requirements for marriage at St. Andrew’s.