St. Andrew’s is very fortunate to have office space available to rent at a significant discount to local Bay Co. non-profits whose mission is to provide assistance, safety, community, and healing to those in need. Our partners on campus include:

The LEAD Coalition

LEAD (Leadership, Empowerment, and Authentic Development) has a focused mission to work with community partners to identify specific needs of the most vulnerablr communbities and then work together to create resilient and strong neighborhoods. LEAD is under the compotent oversite of Excutive Director of Janice Lucas.

Narcotics Anonymous

St. Andrew’s Provides meeting space for NA. The goal is to help those in need recover from the disease of addiction by applying the principles contained in the 12 steps. NA’s program focuses on an addict’s recovery from the disease of addiction, rather than any specific drug. Through group meetings, and the therapeutic value of one addict helping another, addicts learn how to live drug-free and productive lives.

The LGBTQ Center of Bay County

The LGBTQ center began in one small office room on csmpus a few years ago, and now, under the leadership of Father Rían it has expanded their current campus footprint by 400%.

Panama City Symphony

The Panama City Symphony has been on our campus for several years. Their official office is located here as well as their file/copy room. They are committed to presenting excellent live symphonies for all ages to our community.

Artists of Baker Court

On Thursdays, a group of local artists use space in our educational building to come together and express their talents on canvas. The culmination is “A Day in May” which is an art exhibit that we host here at St. Andrew’s.